Attachment Based Therapy FAQ

Some of our most frequently asked questions about Attachment Disorders. 

Attachment Based Therapy focuses on the foundation of how we form relationships, and how this begins with the relationship we have with our caregivers during infantry. Over time, the way humans have connected hasn't changed, we still crave human touch and social connection. Since ancient times, we've lived in community settings, as the saying goes "taking a village to raise a child". Nuclear families are relatively new, and have created new social dynamics. In modern times, some people may crave that social connection and community but find it painful.

The Foundational belief of ABFT therapy is that humans want to attach and feel validated, having a healthier reaction to our environment.
ABFT therapy attempts to rebuild how we create and maintain relationships in a healthier way using psychotherapy and utilizing therapist and client relationship to solidify broken bonds, helping our clients feel heard and seen and how to better understand that the "Flight or fight" response we feel is connected to lack of human attachment, or the feeling of support.  
Being able to create and maintain healthy relationships can impact both our physical and mental wellbeing. Unhealthy relationships cause trauma and can lead to long-term mental health issues, while healthy relationships create a feeling of trust, security, and can lead to healthier habits. Having the feeling of support can lead to being better able to manage and cope with life stressors.
Individuals who experience signs of Attachment Issues should reach out to our specialized staff for evaluation. Both children and adults can experience Attachment Issues, and can greatly benefit from both individual, group, or family therapy using this method.

It's important to highlight that both children and adults can experience symptoms of Attachment Therapy. Some common symptoms include : Difficulty regulating emotions, creating boundaries, and forming emotional bonds. Common symptoms also include feelings of isolation, anxiety, mood swings, intensive anger, and social withdrawal.

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I had been looking for a new counselor for quite some time and my search came to an end once I came here. I felt so comfortable and at ease.

Russell Client

I came here for trauma therapy and couldn't be happier - what took years and was unresolved in previous therapy, was helped and resolved in a matter of a few sessions.

Ashley Mclasiter
Ashley Client

I have been seeing a therapist for about two years now and I couldn’t be more happy with my life since I’ve started seeing someone! They have helped me turn my life around.

Ashley Mclasiter
Austin Client

Wonderful experience with an open and affirming therapist! Changed my life. The counselors here are amazing. Thank you so much Transformative Growth.

Sarah Patient

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