Couples Counseling FAQ

Some of our most frequently asked questions about couples counseling.

No. You don’t have to be married to participate in couples counseling, and often times it is extremely beneficial to engage in couples counseling if your relationship is experiencing problems and you and your partner are planning on getting married. We are an open and affirming practice who welcomes all Couples – Straight, LGBT, Monoamous, Poly, Kink and Alternative – whatever your relationship type, you’re welcome here!

Other important benefits of seeking treatment include learning how to communicate with your significant other without resentment, and you both will learn how to deal with issues head on with one another.

Yes we do. Transformative Growth is a safe, LGBT friendly counseling center. We provide excellent care for people of all walks of life, regardless of sexual orientation.

What Our Clients Say

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I had been looking for a new counselor for quite some time and my search came to an end once I came here. I felt so comfortable and at ease.

Russell Client

I came here for trauma therapy and couldn't be happier - what took years and was unresolved in previous therapy, was helped and resolved in a matter of a few sessions.

Ashley Mclasiter
Ashley Client

I have been seeing a therapist for about two years now and I couldn’t be more happy with my life since I’ve started seeing someone! They have helped me turn my life around.

Ashley Mclasiter
Austin Client

Wonderful experience with an open and affirming therapist! Changed my life. The counselors here are amazing. Thank you so much Transformative Growth.

Sarah Patient

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