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Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have. We can help you get there.

Transformative Growth Florida accepts Compsych, Optum/UHC, Aetna, Cigna, and United Health Insurances. We also accept out of network Insurance, and out of pocket payment. There is the benefit of paying out of pocket or paying out of network, if you decide to go with these options your payments will still count towards paying off your deductible.

TGC Florida currently accepts Cash, Paypal, credit, HSA (Health Savings Account) and debit card as forms of payment. 

We do also offer a cash discount, and offer sliding scale payment options. 

View our Payment Options Page to learn more. 

We keep all records in our HIPAA compliant electronic health record. Our programming allows for a much higher level of security than paper files and a predictable place that clients + staff can always find any needed paperwork or treatment plans. For this reason, we ask that clients fill out their intake paperwork, informed consent and counseling agreement, online through our portal.
If you do not have the online paperwork completed at least 12 hours before the session, your appointment will be cancelled. We require all clients to fill out intake papers online through our secure portal, prior to the appointment. Unfortunately we do not offer any "paper" sign up forms upon arrival.

If you have a technology issue and can not complete the forms, please COMMUNICATE with us! We may be able to offer in person w/ online registration portal, at the office, in person.

When you make an appointment, an invitation to log in to the client portal is sent to the email you’ve provided. If you’ve never logged in before you can click this link go to the sign up page. To sign up for an appointment, please call us at: 904-203-8181.

No problem! If you’ve logged in before but can’t find the portal – you can click on this text to  be taken to the log-in page again. If you’ve never logged in before, click here. 

This is an easy fix! Go to the log-in page and sign in. Once there, you’ll see this page – and at the top of your screen click “Save my time” to complete and sign the intake information.

You can accomplish this several ways. First, is to contact your therapist directly by phone or email. If you do not have this information handy, you can reply “2” to your text reminder, or email the office at: Finally, you can call us and you’ll be prompted to leave a voicemail message. 904-203-8181

Contact us for any insurance related questions. Email or 904-203-8181

Please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Notify your therapist; but most importantly, please seek help! We are not a crisis facility; while we can help you during your sessions, we are usually unable to get someone in the same day.

Visit our Payment Options Page to learn more about insurance that we accept, or call our office at (904)-203-8181
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